Day 22-Progress

Day 22-Progress

This is day 22 of my 25 day challenge, where I try to get editing done on the current WIP and all the other things that pull at me from day to day. If you decide you want to do a 25 day challenge of your own, please feel free, just leave your link in the comments so I can come and see what you’re doing.

Well, finally today I accomplished a few things that needed to be done. I got something out of Microsoft about the refund of money since the renew of Office 365 didn’t download right. I also interviewed a great guest for Writer Groupie. (more about this tomorrow on the blog!) AND I got three scenes edited!

Woot! I am really smiling now.

I think I need some sort of graph to show my progress. If you know of anything I can use, let me know.

Writer Groupie – 1
MS office technical support- BOO HISS.

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