Day 20-Busyness wins again

This is Day 20 of my self-imposed 25 Day Challenge. Read why I am doing this here.

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So today, dear friends, as I said yesterday, I am not going to be able to get anything done because I have critique meeting with my crit partners. So I did meet with them and it is too late to contemplate writing or editing so it is still a zero day. I didn’t podcast the next bit in One Time:The Adventures of Sarah though, so boo hiss.

But what I did do today was critique one person’s work and I call that writing too, only of a different sort. It is more like editing. Yes, it is. Editing someone else’s book! aha! I win!

I also finished reading Divergent today. I can see why it was so popular and made into a movie. Now I sort of want to watch the movie. I guess I will go out and add it to my Netflix queue. I am a little surprised at myself that I really like these dystopian books. Hunger games and this series — yum yum. I left a review for Divergent on GoodReads.

I also posted the last part of Anenome Hanks up on Wattpad today. SO there is that!

So, tomorrow is Friday, and I hope I get to have my new phone activated and all that. It will be awesome to have a shiny new device to keep me busy. Er…distracted. I am supposed to meet with my secret editor tomorrow night to go over edits. She’s a true gem and I am keeping her secret just so that she won’t get busy with anyone else. That’s mean, isn’t it? Sorry guys but this one belongs to me. She is going to help me get these books in shape and ready to publish. She’s pretty darn cheap too. So editing again tomorrow with her counts as editing so yay! I win again!

I also get to spend time with my grand dog this weekend. I am super excited. oh yeah, i finally figured out how to make the image go the right direction!

Writer Groupie (One Time)=boo hiss

Tune in tomorrow folks for more shenanigans.

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