Day 18 – Sunday was a very good day

You can find my insane reasons for doing a 25 Day Challenge here

So on day 18 I didn’t get to sleep late, but I did feel rested when I woke so off to the kitchen for coffee and doing things. I didn’t get a lot of social media work done, only two tweets so far today and maybe one post on Facebook. But I did get a WONDERFUL interview with Kristi Rose, the author of The Girl He Knows via Skype and believe me, that was plenty to make me a happy girl today.

I also edited two scenes and read about 5 pages in my latest read, Shadows of the Past by Patricia Bradley. I met her at the book store over the weekend and she is going to be my guest on WG sometime soon. You should check out her romantic suspense books, Shadows of the Past being the first one, as they are really, really good, and set locally where I live so that makes them even more fun to me.

I am nearing the end of Joanna Penn’s Business for Authors: How to be an Author-Entrepreneur and I am going to be sorry to see it end. It is a TREMENDOUSLY helpful book, filled with information and tips and every author should read it.

For my writing goal, I have written this post and several others that are in the queue. That counts, folks.

So today shapes up thusly:

Edits = 5
Writer Groupie = 4
Reading = 4
Writing = 4
Housework/laundry – boo hiss

The retreat is from November 6-9 and of course, I will NOT be posting.

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