Day 17- MOAN-day

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So, today was a wild day at my day job, and because I was so tired after work, I decided to take off this evening. Then I got antsy, felt a little guilty, and ended up editing one scene. I guess it’s true. You can be a doer or a watcher. I chose being a doer after all. At least a little bit.

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I say a little bit because, I haven’t read anything today, and I haven’t written anything today. I watched the Big Bang Theory and part of another sitcom. Yeah, it’s been a sort of lame tame night. I needed to be a couch potato for a tiny part of my day. I think sometimes we all need some rest time.

That’s about all the news, other than watch out for my VERY FIRST VIDEO interview tomorrow on Writer Groupie! YAAY!!! It will also be up at Writer Groupie’s new YouTube channel. Yeah, you need to go check it out!

In fact, Writer Groupie is doing a lot of great things at the moment, and if you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter you REALLLLLLLLY should!

Writer Groupie=4
Big Bang Theory= more points than either of the others!

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