Day 15- Good day

So here it is Day 15 of my self-imposed 25 Day Challenge- you can find out more about it here.

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Day 15 was a very good day. I actually got a couple of scenes edited. And whew boy, did they ever need it. I found a place where the continuity was totally F-U-B-A-R. It just didn’t work. Everything in it was sideways. I had a good time tearing into that let me tell you. I still am not sure I fixed all the mess up though. I need to go back and find a purse that may or may not have been left at home in the prior scene.

But I am truly and really pooped. I drove two hours today back and forth to work and back and forth to a town south of home to meet with my kid and take her dog to her. My little granddog. Love that fella.

And I am not making a lot of sense here, so I am about to turn in. But I DID get some reading done this morning, and editing tonight so there is that. And this blog post counts as writing, so there is THAT. Unfortunately, I am slacking on Writer Groupie duties for the simple fact that my hubby is not available to do some much needed editing on my next interview. And I am too knackered to record an episode of One Time. I am going to be two weeks behind on that, sorry folks.

So day 15 looks like this:

Writer Groupie= boo hiss

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