Day 14- I am thrilled!!!!

Day 14 of my 25 Day Challenge… which you can find out more about here

Today really ended up on a high note. I kept telling myself all day long that if I pushed a little harder, I would make it to my goal. I don’t know about you but positive self-talk works for me. I can psyche myself up and get the juices flowing until I am able to put out the effort it takes.

So, that’s basically what I did. And it worked! (for editing anyway)

I didn’t get any Writer Groupie work done, but I did get some reading done and wait until I tell you the total edits! So I really got started working on these edits in earnest like a month ago. It started out being a little over 70,000 words.

Well, tonight–I am FINISHED. I have gone all the way through the book from front to back thanks to my self-imposed 25 day challenge! The S and D saga is now at 74,700 and aside from what my beta readers/crit partners will change/add/delete, it is done. OMG. DONE.

Nemo / Pixabay

I can’t express how it feels to be through this book again. It needed this so very much. I am grateful to have the chance to do this. I have loved these characters for so many years. They truly deserve a chance to live in bookworld again. I am thrilled.

So here I am, sitting here wondering what in heck I will do for the next thirteen days?????

Editing = 7 and DONE
Writing=6 (this post counts!)
Reading = 6
Writer Groupie- boo hiss

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