Day 13-Down day

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Day 13 of my 25 Day Challenge. See where it all started here.

This day of the challenge was a Friday. I only put in 6 hours at my bill-paying job on Fridays, so it was a quick busy work day. I got off and came home in the glorious sunshine and 75 degrees. It was the sort of day that writers have trouble writing about because they are too busy living in it. Yeah. It was that kind of day.

I went out and sat in the sun and read some of Patricia Bradley’s book, Shadows of the Past. I have to say, this lady is great at storytelling. She wrote a scene where the heroine goes back home. When she got into her bedroom she went through it remembering her past based on items in the room, like on the dresser, etc. It was awesome. You should get this book. It is a part of a series of Christian romantic suspense. I am truly enjoying it.

And since I finished my round of editing on (see day 14’s post) the current book, I am sort of in a lull while my beta/critiquers do theirs. I could start on the next book, or I could be putting together a Christmas box set. OR I could start on a different thing altogether. I was so undecided that I didn’t get anything done. And what’s worse, I started looking at WP themes to change up the website and sort of went down a rabbit hole. I didn’t come back to earth until after 10 PM, and then I realized I was zonked. I didn’t think about this challenge. I went to bed.

So not much got done, other than reading. But that is okay. Sometimes we all need a down day. I am considering adding another thing here for exercise–it would be fun. What do you think?

Writing=7 (this blog post counts!)
Writer Groupie=boo hiss
Exercise (also known as exer-CUSE)=0

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