Day 11- Work to do

Day 12 of my 25 Day Challenge (find out why I am doing this here)

So, on Sunday, Day 11 of this challenge, I spent a lot of time doing things. I vacuumed the floors, swept, mopped, scrubbed, dusted, and disinfected the house, and bought groceries.

25 day challenge
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I also read a few pages of the romantic suspense I am reading, and wrote blog posts. But the thing that consumed the most of my time was working on Writer Groupie stuff.

I will have an awesome video interview for you tomorrow at noon. It is with the fabulous Kristi Rose about her book The Girl He Knows. She is quite candid and tells us about her writing life. You will love her as much as I do.

Something I encountered with the video this week makes me go ah. I found that if I sit too close to the screen, you will not see much of me. LOL. Yes, I sort of get cut out. I also discovered that I can get the audio from the recording, and am working now on trying to get it into an mp3 format for the audio player here on the site. It may be a separate podcast though, as my time has been rather limited.

Here is how the day wound up:

Editing = 7 (nothing new)
Writing = 9
Reading = 9
Writer Groupie= 5
Exercise = 2 (all that cleaning has to count)

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