Day 10-Not much done

Day 10 of my 25 Day Challenge (find out why I am doing this here)

So, I can just say upfront that I have not gotten much done today. It was blood work day at the doctor’s office and that took a couple hours. Then I had to eat, dress, and jog off to the day job. It was a pretty interesting day there, however, as I caught up on my podcast listening, and discovered a few interesting marketing tips.

Tonight, it is raining outside, I am cold from the weather, I think. The dampness seems to slither in under the door and dampen all of my enthusiasm. I sit here wrapped in my comforter and planning on an early night after I finish this post. I don’t feel really on top of my game. Call it the loss of blood, or maybe not enough food but I am not little Miss Hot to Trot.

I have gotten a little reading done, thanks to the endless wait at the doctors’ office. ANd I have spent far too much time playing around on the Internet. I did find my latest review of An Unexpected Performance however, and it is a FOUR STAR! woot! That book is finally getting some luv. I am so proud. If you want to see it and read it in its entirety go to my home page to the Goodreads widget and look for today’s date.

Writer Groupie finally got some attention today when Kristi Rose’s interview went live. The post is doing 80% better than a crap ton of others. The audio file is still in the wrong format for it to upload to iTunes. I am at a loss on that one.

I guess that’s it folks. I am going to work really hard to get some edits done on Case of the Missing Body. I have the new cover but haven’t had time to upload it to Amazon yet.

Writer Groupie=6
Exercise= BOO HISS

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