Dance with Me is now on preorder!

Once upon a time, in a life far away and long ago, I published several books and short stories with a small publisher. I tell you, I thought I was doing the right thing. But as my luck USUALLY goes, it was not the right thing at all. A word to the wise should be sufficient, RESEARCH YOUR PUBLISHERS! There are a lot of shoddy places out there and oh yes, they WANT your work.

I finally got all my creative endeavors back into my hot little hands and have been vigorously rewriting and republishing them with new covers and new titles.

This is one:

the last dragyn slayer
The Last Dragyn Slayer a fantastic short story

and this is one:
Writer-Groupie-Episode-24-Book-Length.jpgLove Inn

oh yeah, and this is one too:
mirror sceneAn Unexpected Performance

And so, you should know that my new short story, Dance with Me, is also a redo. It is now on preorder and I would love it if you would go out and sign up to get it.

Here is the blurb:
Maggie Crane has been someone’s daughter, wife, mother…but who is she when she isn’t any of those titles? She sets out to discover what makes her tick. But when she signs up for a waltz class at the new studio, DANCE!, she is not prepared for the title that she takes on.

Ty is the dance instructor at the new studio. He wants the place to thrive in the competitive market and has done a few things a little on the unsavory side to help success along. But when Maggie shows up at the studio to find her class canceled, Ty realizes that seduction and lust are two different things.

It will be a mere 99 cents through June and I know you want to get it cheap. So, go, now.


Here is the link:

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