Creative words: What they look like

Creative words: What they look like

Creative words: What they look like


Have you ever noticed how there are specific words that are used when people are exercising their creativity? Well, at least to me, it seems that certain words are the forerunners of a creative exercise.

For example investigate these:


What if…

Let’s try this…


See what I mean? It’s almost like creatives start out their creativity stint with specific words. And I do mean ALL creatives, even musicians, even painters. Especially writers.

Writers usually begin with a what if question and go from there.

Exploring our creativity means being observant, asking questions, listening to answers, and sometimes just doing nothing. Yes, that does happen. Sometimes creativity needs to draw from its own experience and we have nothing to do but sit quietly and allow it to happen.

Today, I hope you will allow your creative side to voice itself. I hope you will find time and space to put something down on paper, on canvas, or on whatever medium your talent needs to express itself.

And don’t judge it. Don’t erase it, paint over it, discount it. Allow it to live and breathe and grow. You may surprise yourself!

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