Confessions of a Writer

Do you like true stories? There used to be magazines called True Crime, and True Detective. I think there used to be some sort of true story magazine for romance as well, called True Confessions. This is yesteryear stuff, folks, but you can still find them out there online. Do you LIKE these sorts of things?

confessions of a writer
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They seemed sensationalized when I read them back in the day. It was like HIGH DRAMA-omg, take your breath types of stories. Sometimes you wondered if they were for real.

So, today, I am giving you a bit of my own true confession. Not romantic though. More “what bad stuff has this author done in her work?” And yes, I once was a newbie writer. I wrote terrible fiction. The thing is, two editors and many crits didn’t catch the stuff that I am seeing now. How does that even happen?

It’s okay to write crap in your first efforts. But you should get the benefit from your editors/critters. I hired an editor for my first book. I had a second editor at the publishing house. My writer buddies helped me with critiques. And now today, as I am rewriting these old stories and books, man, am I ever finding issues with them. I mean, come on, everybody knows you don’t use I felt, I saw, I watched if you want to make your story zing. You just move that stuff out and make it happen. But there was seriously a WHOLE lot of that in these works.

These rewritten, re-edited, better stories will be available for you to read in 2015. I am not saying hopefully because I am making it a goal. Do you want to read the caper mysteries I am known for? Well, get ready. 2015 is my year. And yours! You lucky reader you!

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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