Concept maps: What are they?

Concept maps: What are they?

Concept Maps: What are they?

concept maps
Here’s what I did on my first day of the long Easter holiday weekend:
I slept late, well, late for me. I am usually up by 5 AM never mind the day. But today, I slept in, and then I lounged around in my PJs for a shameful amount of time. I researched online money and marketing strategies until nearly 2 AM so I figured I was entitled.

When I start having hundreds of ideas in my head, I sort of shut down. It’s like things that are placed in some sort of order are winners for me. But in order to have those good, concrete, well-thought out ideas, I have to find a way to gather my thoughts before they are acted upon.

Researching organizational methods for people with creative energy, I found some stuff online about concept maps.

Now, this is NOT a new thing. But it is effective according to those who use them.

I will try to explain how it works:

according to Wikipedia:
A concept map is a way of representing relationships between ideas, images, or words in the same way that a sentence diagram represents the grammar of a sentence, a road map represents the locations of highways and towns, and a circuit diagram represents the workings of an electrical appliance. In a concept map, each word or phrase connects to another and links back to the original idea, word, or phrase.

There are a ton of helps out there to do this, but I personally, like to do it as a sort of doodle with circles coming from the main idea. It ain’t pretty, folks, but it is effective.

I am still thinking about writing another non-fic about marketing. This is a good reason to do a concept map. I need to organize my thoughts about the main idea, what all I want to say, etc. It will definitely help me put all the info out there to see if it is even a viable book. At any rate, you should try this. Map out your dinner plans, if you cannot come up with anything else to write down. See if it is a good thing for you at all.

And if you think you want to try it, here is a FREE download for you to try…It’s called CLICK CHARTS and I got it for free and tried it out and IT IS WONDERFUL!!!! So click on the image below so you can get it too! IT’S FREEEEE!

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