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In a previous post, I talked about how mistakes can happen when you are trying to do everything alone. But there really isn’t a good reason to continue doing things on your own when someone else can do it. And do it faster and more efficiently. 

Let me tell you about a company I found.


On you’ll find thousands of specialists who will bid on any project that you may need help with. I actually decided to sign up for work there. I need more income and hey. it’s all online! Yeah, I know, I am talking out of both sides of my mouth, but if I can work a bit and also find a helper, I may have a way to pay for the help all at the same time!


It kind of works like this: you put up a job description, and people or companies will submit a bid, and you choose the best one for you.  It’s free to sign up and post your projects, (Or respond to jobs!) and you can pretty much get help with anything, including:

Creative writing – Editing – proofreading – even video production! So if you need help with a web site or shopping cart, or other big ticket things like that, you should check them out. 

Another great thing about is the fact that they have a blog too. It is FULL of informative articles and stuff about online businesses. Now, I do admit that a few of them are sorta techy. If you are not into AJAX (how asynchronous javascript + XML work) –feel free to skip it. Just keep coming back here and I will do my best to keep you informed.

There are a few in there that are pretty interesting though…like what content marketing is and why you should be trying hard to do that for your book sales, etc.

Anyway, if I get a job through I will totally let you know. They seem like a good company!




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