What would you choose?

I have been thinking about this alot. It’s one of those questions that if you take the time (in our hurry up world) to really consider it, you will surprise yourself with the answers you come up with. What is the question??

It is deep. Profound. Awe-inspiring.

Simply, if you could go back in time to any time period in time what would it be?

Mary Gullick, Zoe Gullick, Marjory Gullick, Chloe Gullick - outside Altoncourt, Killara? c.1909 from Gullick family, c.1909-1922 / photographed by William Applegate Gullick
State Library of New South Wales collection / Foter

Man, that one gets me.

I mean, I would love to live back in the eras of time that have rich history. But then when I consider what all that means, I change my mind pretty rapidly. I would love to get to go to a real live “ball” – fashionable in older days, pre-CW era, but I couldn’t just go back to be a part of a dance. I would have to be a part of society too, and in order to do that, maybe be a part of sociological issues of the time that are unsavory.

I would love to ride in a carriage, maybe like is seen in Victorian novels. But carriage owners usually were wealthy. There ya go again, economical issues of that era.

And all those socio-economic issues in every era means the suffering and lower conditions of a sector of society. It means somebody in that time had to be a lesser in order for some of the people to be an upper-and I mean in class status.

I just couldn’t go back in time and be myself. I couldn’t go back knowing what I know now and NOT change things. I would really make a mess of our today if I were to go back to our yesterday, because I would CHANGE THINGS.

Yes, those beautiful dresses were fun to dance in I guess but who had to go hungry while a woman pranced about in them? Those lovely horse drawn carriages were stylish and snappy but who had to work long hours, with no pay, and live in squalor while someone rode around in them?

What about you? What do you think?

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