Chief Operating Officer of my business

Chief Operating Officer of my business

Also known as, how did I get here from there?

So, you wanna be COO or Chief Operating Officer of your own book career? Wanna turn it into a business, do you? Well, you can, and I am here to tell you, you SHOULD.

I started writing in the fourth grade, (I think!) and the story I wrote for an assignment was called, “Hard Times”. I presented it as if it were the Holy Grail. My teacher was impressed at the FULLY ILLUSTRATED short story about the first settlers in America. She gave me an A+

chief operating officer
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My mother was even more impressed when I came home with it and showed it to her. She cherished it. Almost twenty years later, when I expressed the desire to be a writer, she presented it to me. She said, here, you have been a writer all your life, whether or not you know it.

HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES???? I have been the Chief Operating Officer of my own book business since I was in grade school. Only just now realizing it, of course, and just now seeing the fruits of my efforts. I have to say, that you, my dear reader, are mostly responsible. And I thank you SO MUCH! Without you coming here and seeing this, I would be a big fat failure.


First, quit letting others tell you how to do this thing. It’s your business. You are the the big cheese over it. The only one who can tell you if you are doing it right or wrong is you. And maybe the one who bosses you. Like your wife 🙂 – so just own it.

Secondly, quit worrying if you are going to fail. You likely won’t, so plow ahead and enjoy it. The worse that can happen is you are not very good at running your business. That’s what business coaches are for. Heck, ask me. I might not have the answer but I will sure give her a go.

And finally, you have to get started. You have to write. You have to do it. EVERY DAY.

Oh yeah, and if you want to see a picture of that A+ paper that I am bragging about, GO HERE. I promise I got an A+.

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So, there ya have it. You and I are both big time material. We just have to prove it to ourselves. Everyone else in the world is already convinced.

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