Cheap things to help sell your book

Cheap things to help sell your book

Cheap things to help sell your book or better known as cheap actions to take to get your book noticed.

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Yeah, so everyone is an author these days because everyone can self publish their work so easily with what Amazon offers. What used to be a constant stream of conversation in writing circles “how to get my work published” has now turned over to a “how to sell more books”. And with good reason, too. There are a lot of books out there, folks.

According to Quora from a year ago, this is the breakdown :

Amazon currently lists 32.8 million books for sale comprising:

Paperbacks 22.9m
Hardcover 8.1M
Kindle 1.2m
Audio CD 351k
Board Books 138k
Audible Audio Books 42k

In these languages:
English 17.1m
German 2.0m
French 2.0m
Spanish 1.0m
Italian 739k
Russian 839k
Chinese 518k

Source: Amazon faceted search in Book Dept. 5 July 2014.

So, if you are one of the people publishing your book to this behemoth then you might could use a few things that will make your book stand out from the crowd.

I give you —


  • Set up a website with *buy your domain, do it yourself…none of that dot com mess* WordPress is the primo gold standard for websites that are mobile friendly etc. See my post about making your site mobile-friendly and why that is so important.
  • Set up a blog on your WordPress site. Yes, blogs are still very viable in the industry – people still read them. When someone reads your blog they learn about you as a person. They will eventually become your reader, and you want them to trust you–and your writing. A blog is for all that.
  • Set up an Amazon author page and keep it updated. Link to it from your website. If you will make it easy for readers to find you and your work, they will click to buy.
  • Get involved with book signings locally at libraries and special events. You might not sell a ton of books but you might make a lot of new friends who will come visit your site and follow your blog. Then, eventually you are going to turn out a work that strikes their fancy. FEED YOUR READERS!
  • Start an email list. You need one to send out newsletters and stuff to your followers. They will be thrilled to be on the front line of hearing about a new book coming out. You can offer special things to them for being your subscriber.
  • And that is just the beginning. And none of that costed $$ (except the domain and hosting-which you were going to do anyway, right?) I hope this has helped you a little. If you have tips that will help an author sell more books, post up a comment!

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