Chapters, Plans, and Get it DONE

Chapters, Plans, and Get it DONE

I am talking about chapters, plans, and getting it done today. Yes-a new blog for this week! Woot! Woot!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am feeling really good today.  Maybe it’s because I did a early morning walk about the community or maybe it’s because I have been really trying hard at life … OR maybe it’s because I’ve reached a major milestone in my work in progress – BECAUSE I DID!

Why does Kim feel so good?

Right now, I am deeper into word count than I have been for a lonnnng time.  i.e. I have now written more words in this draft than in any other vomtastic draft in my “never to be seen again” file. (Shannon Wallace, who?) And it is a YA fantasy, one of my absolute favorite genres to write in, so yes, I am happy as a baby turtle headed for open seas.

It’s exciting!  I am absolutely loving the new direction of my current novel and the initial feedback I’ve been given. It has all been very positive.  For the first time, I feel like I might actually be able to do this again. Yes. To write a novel, and it be something worth reading.   It has been since 2014 since I have done any serious writing and y’all, it feels so good!

chapters, plans, and get it done
The Tenth Doctor, David Tennant chastises me regularly from my computer

Eleven chapters down…maybe sixteen more to go?

I may have mentioned in a prior post, or newsletter, that my goal is to finish the first draft (mostly) during November. Yes, NANO again! And hopefully the whole thing by the end of the year. I think I mentioned that…if not, well, that IS my plan.

Note to other writers: did you know that writing two pages a day, aka 500 words a day, will net you a word count of 3500 words a week? multiply that times 26 weeks or about 6 months and voila! You have a book.

So, anyway, my plan is to get it written by the end of the year, and then next year focus on editing it and having it revised and edited professionally by late spring. (big goals I know!) THEN! My friends, I will be querying agents. (whew- I am getting all freaked out already) – the writing and publishing world is so big and unruly now, you sort of feel like you are entering the Hunger Games when you approach it.

But I have note cards already lined up to do some more outlining/plotting, and my planner is full of what I hope to accomplish. That’s about all I have this time, y’all.

Until next week!

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