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    Blog: 970th post!

    and where do I go from here? I have been blogging on this site for a very long time. I have been writing for a long time too, with a few hiatuses in…

  • The Little Theater is out!

    Have you gotten your copy yet? It’s available now on Amazon! ‪ The Little Theater (Mt. Moriah Series Book 4)

  • Rebranding Kim Smith, Author

    The hunt for something new has begun! I know you are here hoping to find a story that’s ripped from the headlines, but today isn’t going to be that. Instead, I am going…

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    June and books

    I have a new one coming soon! So, here we are in JUNE already! Can you even believe it? I can’t. It’s seemed to go by much quicker than last year. People already…

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    What’s next?

    Afterglow of book releases and what’s next Sometimes, when we release a book into the world, we experience a sense of loss. There is so much to do leading up to the release,…