book launches

  • The Little Theater is out!

    Have you gotten your copy yet? It’s available now on Amazon! ‪ The Little Theater (Mt. Moriah Series Book 4)

  • Rebranding Kim Smith, Author

    The hunt for something new has begun! I know you are here hoping to find a story that’s ripped from the headlines, but today isn’t going to be that. Instead, I am going…

  • book release

    A Mt. Moriah Christmas

    Blurb Jenny Jones has returned to Mt. Moriah after a disastrous relationship with Brandon Daniels, the lead singer for Sarcastix, a band on the rise in Nashville. She makes it back home after Thanksgiving…

  • assorted heart shaped chocolates on valentines day

    Book Two Mt. Moriah Series!

    Let the party begin! So, I am here to tell you all about the next book coming in the Mt. Moriah series. It is a bit more romance-focused than women’s fiction, although there…

  • brown wooden dock

    Going on vacation Deux edition

    Remember when I said I was going on vacay? Well, that didn’t happen due to sickness. Hubs and I came down with a nasty bug, NOT COVID. Post about that here Y’all remember…