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I have NOT been traveling and visiting family-and oh my goodness, it has been so sad. But hubby and I both came down with a nasty head cold/allergy situation that prevented us from going anywhere. As always, we have to get back to reality even when we are sick, and I am here, in my writing chair. IN THE HOLLER released on April 15 and I have already finished most of my edits on book two in the series and began writing the rough draft of book three. Yes, I will have THREE books out this year!!

In case you don’t watch my YouTube channel, you likely missed my video explaining how I do it, but if you are interested in my writing/planning methods go on over to YouTube and check out Writer Groupie Podcast. Or you can visit the site, at

Motivation for Writers

In short, there is a method to how I turn out books every three months. It is daunting, difficult, and dreadful on some days, but it is effective. If you would like to hear my method, leave me a comment down below and I will put together something on that subject. Believe me, it is not a new idea. It is nothing you cannot do yourself. If you write 2k every five days in a week you have 10k and so on.

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