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Well, last time you visited, dear readers, you were reading all about my adventures in the woods of Alabama. There has not been a lot of exciting things going on since then to be honest, but I endeavor to enlighten you on what all has transpired however boring.

So, October was pretty warm here as weather goes for fall. I didn’t even have to run my air/heat much. Which is always a good thing, but I have a new HVAC unit and wanted to test drive it. Nevertheless, November has come and with it much cooler days and nights.


I have to say it is working just dandy.

So speaking of November, Linda Rettstatt and I held a public event on publishing at a local library. We had a good turn out and it was a dreary rainy day. For our second event, I could not be more pleased. We are planning another one for early next year. Be sure to check my event page to keep up with what all is coming. I am going to be in Florida in January and if anyone wants to hang out with me, please help me plan that.

Speaking of January and next year, I will be posting up year end totals toward the last part of December.

See here what I posted at the end of 2016.

My writing business took a major hit this year because of my personal life and my hubby’s illness, but I am working even harder now to put things to right and get 2018 rolling my way.

I will be posting my 2018 goals in January. A sneak peek for you: I will be offering writing goal calendar pages for signing up for my newsletter. If you haven’t done that, please do so  NOW. You can get a free Shannon Wallace short story and that is the ONLY way you can get it. It is a Christmas Story so perfect for this season.

Okay, that’s about all I have for today. Hope your Friday goes slowly by and is followed by a syrupy slow weekend. I am going to go car shopping. Heaven help me. Now, there is a blog post for my readers.

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