How you can save $250 this month

Save money. It’s not a new thing.

Let’s face it. We all want to save money. We couldn’t give a fiddler’s dam for what the stock market is doing these days. We are too focused on our bank accounts and the never-ending up and down it undergoes. So, starting this week, I want you to think of ways to cut expenses and save money.

I will post up some ideas too, to help things along.

I bet if you tried, you could save at least $250 this month alone by following some easy tips and tricks. I am going out and collecting these ideas from sites from all over so once again I am doing all the work for you and you just have to follow the breadcrumbs to having more static salary.

So, let’s start out slow. You are in this to win this, so you might have to do some things you might not generally do. I promise that if you do them for 30 days they will no longer be a challenge and become a reality for you. Here’s to your new reality!

WEEK ONE: Brown bag it this week. No buying lunch out. Take a peanut butter and jelly sammie and a cookie or chips or a piece of fruit. If you do this you will save $50.00 this week alone! (my math: five days of lunches at $10 a day-even Mcd’s is expensive! equals $50 saved) If you do this for a month-whammo you just saved $200 bucks.
Surely you have some PB and J in the house? No? Well, lookie here…it costs less than a burger and fries…

Additional tip: do NOT stop at the local coffee hut for your java. You can drink a whole pot of coffee every day of the work week for way under 6.00 a day (the whole container isn’t more than 6.50!) – my math: 5 x 5.00 a day for coffee equals 25.00 a week times 4 weeks in a month and whammo! you just saved $100 this month. (see this? CHEAP)

Okay, so your coffee only cost you 3.50? Do the math – 3.50 times five days…times the weeks – I think you will agree it is cheaper to buy Folgers and brew your own. And you can sit and drink it in your jammies while reading my blog! ha!

There you have it…you just saved, at least, $250 this month. Now…if you were to take a bag of instant oatmeal to work and pop it in the microwave – you could save on all those quick (and bad for you!) breakfasts in your car. That would save you an additional BUNCH of money that you aren’t even thinking about.

Want some other way? Okay…How about this…turn the heat or air down. It’s going to be in the moderate 70 degrees range here this week. Do you think I will turn my heat down? HECK YEAH! pop that thing down about two or three degrees and see the utility bill fall like a rock.

There you have it. Another $20 bucks or more saved! Woo hoo!

Keep coming back for more tips and tricks on how to save $$ and get your money back in your jeans and out of the hands of others.

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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  1. We have packed lunches for seems like!!! I worked at home…he worked out..the kid went to school..they had packed lunches…lunch for me was not real big..I am a nibbler…Heck…family asked us one time to go to a woods, for grilling…I packed a cold cooler of food, a basket of eats, a basket of dishes and such…had a plastic bag of wet wash rags!! LOL!! When we met up…she said..let’s go to the store and buy food..and i was like..I HAVE food!!! LOL!! It was the way I was raised..we carry our own food….water…most anywhere…never know what you are going to get when you get “there”!!
    You are a bit warmer then we are..but our furnace stays at 60, all winter…we use a wood stove to supplement heat…when it is going good..the furnace does not turn on…It can be CHILLY! I wear my weight in winter clothes!! We are fortunate to have a deep woods, so our wood is free..we do the labor…and it is good exercise….we say!! As we shiver !!
    We have central air, but never use gets tested once a year!! LOL!! We get a pretty good wind being up on a hill..nights can be stifling a bit in Aug..but we don’t complain, as we KNOW how cold we have been!! We are hotter for a short time..colder for a LONGER time!!! Like, end of Oct,to…end of May, anymore!
    One thing we we walk thru parking lots, is look for coins on the ground…we gather about 25c each time…I take it home and put it in the “Bunny”- a blue glass bunny…it is there for use for little change when needed…at the end of each month, I empty the Bunny, and roll coins…at the end of the year..I have about 100 dollars in coins..I take to the bank….put it in savings…little little…adds up….

    1. oh i love the parking lot idea! I have to tell you a story…one time we got out at a restaurant and my hubby looked down and there was a WAD of money beside him and by the car next to us. He picked it up and counted it. We went into the place we were at and told the manager that we had found money and wanted to return it to the guest. He went around asking each person if they had a certain type car. Finally he found the owner and she came up. When my hubby asked her if that was her car she said yes and started out to it – he stopped her and asked her how much money she had lost. She looked at him like an alien. He said I found some money and I need to know if it is yours. She suddenly patted her pockets and said i will be right back. She came back a few minutes later and had her change purse. She said I have lost money. He asked how much-making her tell him the exact amount. It was hers all right. She was so grateful that he returned that money! I think it was like something under 20.00 but that was a lot to me. It would have hurt me to lose that much! So, yeah, parking lots are magnets for money! Thanks for sharing Sueann!

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