Book Review: A Storm of Swords, George R.R. Martin

Book Review, A Storm of Swords

Beware: There are spoilers in this post, and if you do not want to know what happens then get off this page. I sure hate to say that…

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Okay, so I FINALLY finished this book. If you have ever looked in my 2014 reading list you know that I have been working on it a LONG time. It came in at over 1000 pages so it was not going to be a quick read no matter what I thought I could do. Having said that, it was totally worth the investment of time.

Martin goes about his book business the same way as he has done for the first two books in this series with each chapter being all about one character and how they are managing in the war-torn, or throne-rich world of which they are a part. Most of the characters only have a small part in the world, but what happens to them is integral to the overall plot.

I was moving my daughter Memorial Day weekend and trying to really get my reading time in as there was a great deal of riding in a car required. I was SO disappointed when once again, Mr. Martin decided to kill off characters that I had invested SO much time in. This is not a good way to build a readership for most writers. The only thing is, there are SO many characters in these books that you will be disappointed but persevere to find out what their deaths do to the others.

Yes, I was disappointed, but not deterred. I finished the book. And let me say, reading a tome of this magnitude wears one out. I am going to have to struggle to pick up another book for a while. It was a long ride. It was a hard read. Well, no it was more like a long read and a hard ride.

Will I read another one? Oh heck yes. I have to find out what happens to the remainders. This series is a study in patience, oh yes it is. Luckily I have that in abundance.

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