Book review of The Inn at Eagle Point

Book review of The Inn at Eagle Point

by Sherryl Woods


Because I got to do a bit of travelling in June, I actually finished reading a paperback that I have had for a while. The Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods <<<click to *get yours now!* is the series opener and if you are one who doesn’t watch the show on TV then you might see some spoilers here.

The book does a great job of setting as it is in a picturesque town called Chesapeake Shores.

We follow the O’Brien family throughout but it’s mainly about Abby O’Brien Winters who comes back home at the beckoning of her sister, Jess.

Jess is set to open a B&B and finds she’s in over her head in the financial end of things. Abby lives in New York and is a high-powered money mogul – no wonder her sister wants her! I wish I had an Abby!

As it turns out, Abby is not the only one home for family matters.


Enter Trace Riley. He’s back in Chesapeake Shores and now he works for the bank. Yep. The same bank that holds the deed to the little struggling inn that Jess is dreaming of. The fact that he and Abby have a history that has never been worked out only adds to this inborn conflict.

TV viewers see Trace as a musician but the books do not have him thusly. FYI.

I sort of like him better depicted as a musician. My opinion, mileage may vary.

Although this is not a new release, and I do watch the TV series, I am enjoying the books a lot. I always like to see the inner conflicts of the characters and get the nuances that screen cannot produce.

Overall, I gave it an 8 stars.

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  1. I’ve not watched the show but I really want to now, I like stories like this that are quite down to earth with a sense of reality thrown in. I think I’d read the books first though, when I I it the other way around I never get round to reading lol thanks for sharing, will have to get myself a copy of Inn at Eagle Point

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