Book Review: GUILT BY SILENCE by Taylor Smith

A book to read is a wonderful thing. And I used to do reviews on Goodreads but no more, as it has become obvious that GR is a site filled with agendas. And since Amazon bought it back in 2013, there has been very little positive spoken about it. I am done with doing stuff there.

So, I am going to make a real effort to be more of a reader/reviewer ON MY BLOG and so here goes my first book review in a while. (as you can see, it is an old cover, and it is a paperback- I received it through another reader)

 Book Review: GUILT BY SILENCE by Taylor Smith

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Her family, her career, her life. Mariah Bolt is trying to save them all…

On a cobbled street in old Vienna, an accident leaves David Tardif a shadow of his brilliant self ad his young daughter, Lindsay, severely injured.

On a deserted highway in New Mexico, five of the world’s leading scientists disappear in a burst of flames.

One woman–David’s wife, CIA officer Mariah Bolt–is the link between both tragedies.

Confronted by the devastating destruction of her family and too many unanswered questions, she’s determined to prove that neither was an accident. As she probes deeper into what really happened in Vienna, she realizes that she can trust no one–not the government, not her mentor, not even her husband.

Because now Mariah is the target.

When I first started reading this book I knew I had to do a review on it. First of all, it’s suspense. Now who doesn’t like that?

Then, it took off from the first page with the main character having a sort of dilemma over her hubby who is in a hospital. Since I am sort of a wife visiting a hubby in hospital these days, it caught me right away.
Then, that is followed up by her being watched by a killer who is biding his time until he can do her in. A nasty insider view to this villain made me look around as I walked back and forth to my car in my own world!

Smith creates a world peopled with believable characters, intriguing plot, and settings a reader can dive into. I give this book two thumbs up – and if you like suspense thrillers you will love it. Also, I understand this is an older book, but this character shows up in future endeavors so GET THIS ONE FIRST!

I found a link to Ms. Smith’s website, but it didn’t work. If anyone knows of a link aside from  let me know …



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