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For all of my reader and writer friends, I am going to be doing book blurbs here on the blog as podcasts. If you think you would like to try to reach a new audience (audio) and are interested in doing this with me as your voice piece, please contact me via the page here on the site.

If you are not certain what a book blurb is click here for more info on how to make them.

You can hear the book blurb I have done for An Unexpected Performance just a day or so ago. I have another one queued up and waiting to unveil. I just have to get more info from the author. I think I could do a short author bio, and have an image or two to go along with the short podcast of the book blurbs. What do you think?

I enjoy doing this so much! I think book blurbs could be the next rage in book promotion. At least, you and I together could create such a buzz about it that it happens. So. What are you waiting for???

Be sure to check out my latest book blurb coming soon here on site. Ah. Book Blurbs! I love it!

book blurbs
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