Blogs: All they need is love

Blogs: All they need is love

Have you ever seen blogs whose last post was published months ago or maybe even years? Well, let me just say, I have, just recently, and it’s kind of sad. I miss the days when you could go through the “next” button on a Blogger blog and find new and exciting stuff.
It takes a lot of work to get blogs designed and on their way. The effort and time it takes to keep them alive and active is pretty heavy. So, those of us who still have blogs and those who are late-comers to the activity, listen up: some people just cannot hang with it.

There are a lot of valid reasons for quitting a blog.

1. No time
2. No energy
3. No interesting things to say

And sometimes people just move on and find another “thing” to do. Not having time or energy, that is a totally easy to understand reason. I mean, I have to take breaks from blogging because I am just too dang tired. Besides, I keep up TWO, remember?

Most of the struggles bloggers face are more in depth than that though. Some of them just cannot come up with any content to put out anymore. Well, let me tell you…if you are having a hard time with finding good quality content, you are not alone, but there is help available.

Sometimes finding core items to post around your topic helps. For example: this post is about blogging, and finding good content.

So, I could write a blog post on … 5 ways to find good content or a post about what good content consists of. You have to figure out what your reader’s problem is, then find ways to help them solve it. That’s the best reason to have a blog and the easiest way to keep it alive.

More about this later…and welcome to SUMMER! The summer solstice is on June 20 – so let’s all celebrate!

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