Blogs: What are they good for?

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Seems like it was only a few years ago that most people didn’t have a blog or blogs, and didn’t know exactly what to do with one. There was a heat of videos that went up on YouTube explaining how to build a blog and how to get traffic to it.

But what about now? Do blogs have a purpose? Are they still useful?

I think the answer to that is one that is a little more convoluted in today’s wild Internet world. There are a lot of other sites, such as Facebook to do that former work of keeping in touch. Social media has all but killed the real purpose of blogging. A lot of people post on their social media sites as if that was their BLOG. But it isn’t and here is why you need to keep your blogging in your own personal space.

1. Because you have more room.
There are a lot of opportunities to make your points bold, italicized, and bigger when you post on a blog. Try doing an H3 or H2 header on Facebook-not to mention trying to get even as much as I have posted in my first paragraph out on Twitter. You can’t.

2. Blogging will be done on a personal site and if it is your website, and self-hosted, will tout information that you OWN. NO one will take it down or send you nasty grams about it. (provided you don’t break your hosting co’s rules)

3. Blogging allows you to dive into subjects that your followers will be interested in and if you give them a way to share it, you have done effectively the same thing only better than what you share on social media.

So next time you have the hots to talk about the latest book you read, or the best thing you wrote about today, post it on your blog.

Your website will thank you.

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