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I am a huge reader of blogs. I go around trying to find content that is relevant and interesting to my fans and followers of blog/social media.

It is always fun to find good content to share. Recently I found a very interesting article about blogging and bloggers over here: at Copyblogger. The article discussed some stats on blogger behavior, and some of it surprised me.

The fact that less than 5% of bloggers blog every day, well, that opened my eyes.

I think in days gone by, more bloggers had a daily thing going on, but now? Not so much. Now we are so sucked into Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Triberr, and other places that we don’t have time to write fresh stuff to share everywhere every day.

I know I try to. But sometimes, I just cannot do it. It’s like being on a fast moving ride at a fair. You just spin along and hope that you will make an impression.

whirling people machine
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Here are a few things to think on if you are struggling with posting fresh/good content on your blog.

1. It doesn’t need to be about you every post. Sometimes readers want CONTENT. Tell them something they don’t know.
2. It’s usually okay to post up more than one blog post when you are feeling creative. I queue them up and publish them at different times. Really, no one will know!
3. Humor works best. You can always get and keep readers if you are fun, or funny, in what you discuss on your blog. I am a fun person, but not so funny. I can find funny things to share though, and so can you.

Blogging is meant as a way to reach a segment of the world through social media that you cannot get in 140 characters, so use it well.s

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