Blogging: Where’dya go?

There have been very few posts on this blog lately (and even NOT lately) that were sort of geared for readers. I know, I know, I talk an awful lot about writing, publishing, marketing, and so on in a vein that would appeal to a writer. Well, indeed, I do have to quit that. Because in truth, I am not blogging for other writers. I really ain’t. No. Really.

So starting today, lovely reader, I am going to be blogging for you and talking to you and … yes, please do comment.

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I just came back here to the old blog from a sort of “due diligence” search of other authors who write what I want to brand myself as, a mystery author of a certain flavor, ie. caper mysteries. Well, let me just tell you, there are not many out there, and those who are writing as a caper mystery author have severely limited themselves with a website and or blog. I mean, come on now, why haven’t they updated their pages or blogs since 2012??? I mean, some people still think that a blog is vital. Many do not, and maybe that’s why. But still. I couldn’t find but maybe two authors who would be interesting to follow because they actually posted to their sites.

Blogging: Is it dead?

This bothers me. I mean, you, dear reader, cannot allow a writer of your favorite work, or series, to just quit keeping you updated and entertained! No way. Because, social media sites can go “pay for post” or go out of business altogether and then you are left with no home to run to for reading info.

So I am planning on being a lot more faithful to my followers. You are subscribed to the newsletter right? Are you subscribed to get notices when I update the blog? GO on out to the front page and do that if not. You will be missing out on valuable info about my work including when something will be out for free or on a discount. You must know, my friend, that in weeks and months to come, there are going to be a LOT of things coming out from me.

Including a


starting on November 30 for a free ebook of A Sweet and Spicy Christmas. And no, I have NOT posted up the cover reveal yet, so be sure to keep checking back! (I will have the info about the giveaway and the cover reveal in the newsletter SO SUBSCRIBE TODAY!)

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