Being at home and writing books

Being at home and writing books has always been my lifelong dream. I always wanted to be a stay-at-home-mother and wife but never got to do that thanks to the demands of raising children and paying bills. I did make the most of my life of work-a-day world while engaged in it, though. Including climbing the ladder to as close to the top as I dared to get.

Now, sort of in retirement, at least until I find a job, I am at home, and enjoying being at home and writing books.

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Being at home and writing books

A few observations are in order here, I think.

First, I am not getting nearly enough writing time in. It’s my own fault. Distractions by a lot of extraneous things like housework, journaling, sunshine outside, and my own laziness often interrupt.

You have all heard of the person who works a full-time job, writes a trilogy of books, manages a writing site, has multiple blogs, and social media and has time leftover, well…that was me. I was like that. I wonder how did I do it?

Then, I might have done several thousand words a day easily back then and if I do 600 now I feel blessed. (some are groaning and saying it isn’t speed but quality- but still).

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Back in the day, I had deadlines, too. You cannot dilly-dally around when you know that your kid has play practice every night and you have to work every day. Sometimes other things take precedence if you allow it. Used to be, I would take my notebook with me and write while the kids were in play practice. I remember many times sitting at my desk and writing a book while there was nothing going on at work. I FOUND TIME to do the thing I wanted to do the most.

being at home and writing books

Today, I think it is that one thing that gets to me the most. I AM NOT TRYING TO FIND TIME. So, new goal for 2021. Finding the time to write is easier now than it ever has been. No excuses. Gonna get ‘er done.

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