Bad grammar, WIP, etc.

Bad grammar, WIP, etc.

Before I get into all the points of bad grammar, WIP etc., the Disk of Death giveaway ends today! Get it by going to my last post here:

So, on to a real post for a change…

I have stumbled through to the end of my current WIP, and now I sit at the end of the first draft. So how does it feel? Strangely satisfying. It’s a YA romance, and the first one I have done since An Unexpected Performance. I am hoping for a late fall release of it, just in time for Christmas!

In case you are wondering, from now on, all of my work will be FIRST editions, so yeah, NEW stuff! I have spent a long time getting old previously published work back in the market, but I am coming to the end of that, and I hope my readers are as excited as I am about it!

People don’t understand that a fully formed novel doesn’t happen for a writer. We have to struggle through the first draft and then edit and revise, polish, and spit-shine. This idea of a book being easy to write is an interesting concept that people have. Yes, they really do. Some people think you can just WHIP the story out, slap a cover on it, and sell, sell, sell. Writing multiple drafts is a reality that most people don’t get.
I always need a rest before I start the second draft of editing and revising. It’s been a hard trip writing at night and on the weekends. Yes, most writers do this. It is also late spring here now and the beauty that is awake in nature is calling me to come outside. And, of course, there is still the day job to consider.

Bad grammar..yes, please.

Looking ahead to that next draft, my first job will be to ignore my bad grammar and get back into the story – the meat and potatoes of what I was trying to shoot for. You know, the big picture and the characters that are living it. Then, after that a deep edit for all the bad grammar, spelling, overused words, etc. That one is always a fun one. I laugh at my silliness when writing. I am a chronic “that” person and oh yeah, I am comma-challenged, so that is always a hoot.

So, that‘s it for me for today. Yew to a Kill is out and ready for pre-order. I hope you enjoy it!
(stop laughing, I see those thats!)

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