Author Rodeo Roundup in images

Author Rodeo Roundup in images

Author Rodeo Roundup has come and gone. I am very excited to say it was a total hit for me. I made some new friends and sold some books as well as slaying a big dragon for me.

Public speaking.

It meant so much to me for others to tell me that they enjoyed my speech. I am such an introvert that it was a major undertaking to get up there with my knees knocking. But ultimately, I just told my story, in the hopes that it encouraged others. It’s hard to mess up telling your own story, the one intimately about you and your writing journey.

author rodeo roundup

But having done it…well, it’s like riding a roller coaster. I want to do it again! The exhilaration was so enjoyable!

Maggie Smith Moran, our organizer for the event at RC Pugh Library, had wonderful goodies for us on the speaker’s tables.

speakers goodies

I truly felt special as I put my name badge around my neck.

name badge

and there were these fantastic little name cards on the speaker’s table and on our table for book signing. Fabulous!

name card

And after I got my swag all arranged, I was all ready to go. Bring on the guests!

book signing table

Here is a shot of some of the crowd before the speaking began. I was the first one to go. YIKES!

author rodeo roundup

And last but not least, this is a shot of Margaret and Kat King. OMG. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! They did a cute quick rap.

the king twins


And they were gracious enough to take a selfie with me.


This was my best, most fun event this year. I cannot wait for it to happen next year!

Author Rodeo Roundup 2015

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