Attention span of a reader and how do I get it?

Attention span of a reader and how do I get it?

This is all about my latest WIP and how it starts with capturing a reader’s attention. People today have such a short attention span, a writer has to work hard to get their attention and retain it. SO, my current WIP, a Christmas story, begins with a problem. A big one and an emotional one to boot.

Do you like books that start with trouble?

I think that having conflict from the first page is really good. It catches the readers attention, it keeps them reading, and it is oftentimes fun to write.

I didn’t always think that way though.

If I can say anything about what I have learned as a writer, it is this: you really do have to put your characters through a lot of pain points, whether you like it or not.

A creative story REQUIRES for the reader to give a hoot about the paper people you are selling them.

I haven’t always written conflictual stories, I will admit. I think that comes sometimes from maturity as a writer. You have to learn that its okay to hurt your characters. You’re going to end up saving them in the end, right? Well, maybe not if you are a thriller/suspense writer or George R.R. Martin.

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But if you are wise, you will write in trouble for your people, and do it early. Early and OFTEN. Keep those readers guessing! Keep them turning pages. Yes, even in romance. Remember you only have a paragraph or two to gain the attention of your readers. Don’t waste it!

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