Are you writing to trending news? Alec Baldwin and RUST

Are you writing to trending news? Alec Baldwin and RUST

Trending. And while some say you shouldn’t, I say why not?

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Now, on to the news.

In today’s trending subjects, I found more info on the accidental shooting on the set of “Rust”. In case you haven’t heard, actor Alex Baldwin was the shooter, and can’t you just imagine how his face looked after that? I cannot believe that this even happened. How does this even happen in 2021? Poor man. I hope it doesn’t prevent him from acting anymore. Can you say, PTSD? Don’t you think BOOKS will be written about this incident in time to come? Boy, I do!

Also, there were trending videos out there like this one whereby a voice-over actress talks about Charles Schulz.

Speaking of trending things, are you writing to trends? I have heard a lot about how you shouldn’t do that because publishing moves at a snail’s pace and by the time your book comes out the trend will be long gone. But what about self-publishing? Us Indies don’t cotton to all that hogwash. We write to trends and usually come out pretty darn well.

SO what trends are you writing about/to? Are you still on the urban fantasy trek? How about contemporary romance? Those never seem to go out of style. There are a few that I think are finished for now. Here is my list:

  1. Vampires/werewolves/shapeshifters/ romance
  2. Westerns
  3. Medieval fantasy (agents are not looking for ye olde high fantasy set in merry old England)

There are more…what do you think?

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