Are you truly finished with that work?

Are you truly finished with that work?

There are a few age-old questions that writers ask. They are not stupid questions, lest you immediately think that. NO question is stupid, and oftentimes, sort of vital when you are uninformed. We might be wise old owls, us writers, but we don’t know EVERYTHING. Even with the Internet, good info is sometimes hard to find.

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So, what is this funny old question that keeps cropping up?

Well, I am so glad you asked!

It’s this:  How do I know when I am finished with the piece I am working on?

It’s funny but sometimes you think you are finished, when really you just need to take a break from it so you can see it clearly again. Sometimes we truly are finito. Sometimes we are so finished with it we are sick to death of it and one more read of it will make us vomit.

Yes, when you get there…you are finished.

The truth of the matter is, I don’t ever think we really get finished. I am just now at the end of reviewing my audiobook for An Unexpected Performance, and seriously, after listening to Suzanne read it, I am desperately wanting to revise it YET AGAIN.  I truly am going to resist the urge though because I do have other books clamoring to be written. I feel strongly that once it is out in the world, unless it is a critical error, you need to just let it live and quit trying to make it come back home.

Sort of like having grown kids. They need to nestle into their own place in the world and not be under your wing any longer. Some books are like that.

NOW having said THAT  – let me say this…sometimes books are so terrible that for you to allow it to sit out on the virtual shelf without a revision or two might be the death of your book. I mean, if it is THAT bad, then for weepers peepers go out and take it down, edit it to the best of your ability, and reload it.

Oh wait…. you ARE self-published , right? IF not, it may be too late for that book — you may be stuck with it.

The score now sits at: self-publishing 1/   trad publishing 0

Have a great Sunday, yall.


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