Are you a stats person?

Hey everybody!! (every time I say that I think of Jennifer Coolidge of Two Broke Girls fame) – but she’s always so happy when she says it, and as I am generally a happy person too, I say it with the utmost enthusiasm!

What do we want to discuss today? Do you have a topic I haven’t covered? I love to chat with you about all manner of things writing related … so fire away!

I do have some info for you though…just because indie authors today try to keep things real and upfront with their readers – I am not going to be any different. I have been “stats-checking”. I know there’s a lot of distance between the lip and the cup on stuff like Alexa rankings, but they are a sort of guide…a measuring stick, if you will.

So you wanna see some stats on I knew you would!


As you can see my hits fell during May and June almost down to 2014 levels…but that was because I was barely online…my hubby got sick and…well, real life called. But we are climbing back! And I am very excited about that.

Here’s my Alexa numbers :

alexa-rank (1)

When I hovered over those global rank stats and realized that I am just a hair away from being under 1 million…well, I got pretty darn excited. When I compare this site to others like it, author sites, podcast sites, well, we are really doing a great job over here. (Yes, I compared some pretty high ranking authors and yes, BEAT their stats!)

In complete honesty, I am amazed. I have no idea how come you all like this site so much, but I am truly grateful that you do. I would love to hear feedback about these ranks…and stats…and what you would like to see more of on this site.

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