Are physical bookcases dinosaurs?

Are physical bookcases dinosaurs?

Are physical bookcases dinosaurs, and if you think so, why do we still have them around? You are free to post pics of yours in the comments, but my question is, what do you put in your bookcases if you don’t add physical books?

And why are you not adding physical books to your life?

I know, I am asking a lot of rather obtuse questions. We usually do not know why we keep furniture around. Maybe it is because it is an heirloom, or maybe because it is attractive and hides a wall malfunction behind it.

But if you had a choice, would you still own bookcases?

At any rate, you should know that I am a bookcase keeper. I have them in many different forms, and I have books in some, and whatnot in others.

Here are a few types of bookcases you might own one too!

  1. built-in bookcase — these are literally built into your wall, or studded into your wall
  2. small shelves but deep — these likely once held those things us older folks call VIDEOS. hah.
  3. free-standing bookcases, designed specifically to hold books, both hardcover and softcover.

I will upload a few pics so you can see mine. Don’t judge me. I haven’t cleaned them out or dusted them in some time.

built-in bookcase
Built-in bookcase
whatnot bookcase
whatnot bookcase
regular bookcase
regular bookcase

So now that I have shown you mine – show me yours. Bookcases are pretty universal. The only thing that changes about them is what we put in them. And after seeing what mine look like…I reallllllly need to work on that.

Next week, I hope to have my interview with Melodie Romeo up on the Writer Groupie blog – so if you do not have THAT site bookmarked, why don’t you do that now?

I will also be back next week with something new and exciting. Maybe not as exciting as BOOKCASES!

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  1. I have four bookcases. All filled. Three are filled with multiple copies of my own books however. It’s a neater way to keep them than having them in boxes in a closet. A fourth one has a shelf of books signed by some of my favorite authors and a shelf of writing-related ‘how to’ books and reference books. I’d share a photo, but can’t see a way to do so.

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