American Idol begins

As it is usual, in January a new season of American Idol kicks off. I had been so turned off by the show a few years back (can you say Nicki and Mariah?) that I stopped watching. But last night through a fluke, I turned to the Fox network (I never watch Fox), and the show was on.

american idol
PublicDomainArchive / Pixabay

Boy, was I glad! American Idol is back!

It was like the sun came out again on this show. The hosts were fun and upbeat, the guests were interesting and talented, and there was a whole less hype. It was held in Nashville, and as a Mid Southerner, that had to be a good thing. If the rest of the American Idol season 14 goes this well, I am going to be viewing every week.

Here are the ones that stood out to me (yes, I kept a list)-

  • Riley from Spring Hill, a young man who certainly has talent and good looks.
  • Cameron who sang in tune.
  • Amber Walker from my hometown, Memphis TN who in her words came from the hard part of town. Her story made me cry. I feel like she doesn’t have a chance past Hollywood, but she shined last night. Who wouldn’t like a girl who sang Elvis because she could?
  • Michael Simeon who actually got a ticket to Hollywood, danced with JLo, and had his own hashtag, #idolslowdance. This kid goes to Ole Miss. He won my heart.
  • Emily Brooke who was the one the hosts felt had the most talent. She is a pretty girl, and with her ability to sing, she could go far.
  • Well, there ya have it folks. My standouts from night one. Tonight is night two, and maybe I will come back with an update. Depends on who makes me look up from my Kindle.

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