Amazon/Hachette Debacle

The Amazon/Hachette debacle goes on … and it seems everyone has an opinion. Some are on the side of Amazon, and say they are for the indie author. Others are on the side of Hachette and say that their stance protects the rights of legacy published authors.

amazon/hachette debacle
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Well, let’s face it folks, it all comes back to that

unholy dollar


Both sides want theirs, and they are going to fight to the death until someone is victor in all this.

The problem may well be, however, that the authors who are in the middle of the battleground, end up losing.

Very sad to say, and I certainly hope things resolve in the best possible way for everyone.

I am an indie author, who was *coughcoughcough* once published by a publisher. I have nothing but great things to say about Amazon and the ability to do it all myself. Still, if the opp to be a hybrid author came my way, I wouldn’t say no. So, the fall-out from all this tribulation is important to all authors, regardless of who publishes you.

And why in the heck is it that the AUTHOR always suffers? I mean come on, we struggle through months of creative pulses, sometimes nearly missing insanity, and we bleed all over the page, just to have our hard earned money absconded. It doesn’t make sense. Never has. But the life with Amazon and doing ourself is just a whole lot better. End of story.

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