After the con…I reflect with images

After the con…I reflect with images

First, let me say that this past weekend, Mid South Con weekend, was the most fun I have had in just FOREVER. Before I left on Sunday, I took time to stop in at the organizer’s desk to tell them thank you. What a huge job that con must be for them! And they definitely deserve a big, big, kudoes. There were a LOT of con-goers this year. I do not know the numbers, maybe you do? I know it was more than 1000.

I also have to say that who kept my schedule updated and on the app ready for me to check out for the next place to go to worked great. I loved having the schedule right on my phone and available.

So, here are a few pics from the con in order of when they were taken. I will add a little story/background for you beneath each image so you know why I took it.

Mid South Con, March 20-22, 2015

Midsouthcon When I got my badge, I wanted to show it off and tell everyone I have arrived!

midsouthcon I loaded up on Diet DP to get ready for my very first ever panel.

midsouthcon At the table before we get underway. The panel was YA – Current Trends vs the Classics. You can see my new friend, Tyrone Tony Reed, Jr. seated in front of me in this pic.

midsouthcon Before my second panel, Creating Platform, I chatted with Angel Logsdon aka Jade. Tyrone took this pic of us. Thanks Tyrone!

midsouthcon On Saturday morning, I hit up the Con Suite for coffee. I didn’t find anything but empty pots. Guess a few folks got there ahead of me. Grabbed another Diet DP and took a few images. Like this one of Daenerys Targaryen’s costume and dragon.

midsouthcon This con-goer mentioned that people liked her gun more than the rest of her costume. I couldn’t help it, I took the shot.

midsouthconI hunted up my dear friend, Big Daddy Cool, aka Johnny Dellarocca at his panel before it started. He gave me a new title. Fantastical Fictioneer. I am totally using it.

midsouthconartshow The con hosts a great art show and of course I didn’t get to go in this year due to time constraints!

midsouthconbooksigning This funny guy, Jim Hodgson, sat to my right at my book signing on Pro Row. We swapped books and OMG. His book, Dangerous Dan, is a riot. I am reviewing it soon.

midsouthconprorow To my left was this lovely lady, Jodi Vaughn. I just so enjoyed getting to meet her in person and hang out for a while. She has a video interview on this site under Writer Groupie.

midsouthcon What would Mid South Con be without fantasy princesses?

midsouthcon This fun fellow got called over to our table on Pro Row for pics. Love him! In case you can’t tell, he is a bat with Ebola.

midsouthconEven bats with Ebola love my work!

midsouthconJim Hodgson and Frank Tuttle on the Humor in Writing panel. They did a great job along with Ben Herr, and S.H. Roddey aka Siobhan Kinkade (not shown)

midsouthconThere were so many great costumes!! I just couldn’t catch them all, but I did get a few.

midsouthcon A very real reproduction of K-9 from Doctor Who

midsouthconDoctor Who, Tardis

midsouthcon The ball gown winner in costume contest and TOTALLY worthy.

midsouthcon Hanging with the Mid South Buccaneers, and in this image, we got photobombed by a giant cat.

midsouthconMy new friend, Tyrone Reed at his table on Pro Row

My last panel on Saturday was Breaking into the Business of Writing, and it was a pretty lively conversation about treating our writing like a business. I felt like we gave the attendees some value in that one.

On Sunday, I got some more pics before my final panel, Content Creation for Podcasting…with some great podcasters, Armand Rosamilia, Jim Yelton, and of course, Cory Doctorow.

midsouthcon Precious costume and her dog was just beautiful.

midsouthcon I forgot her name…she’s only five months old!

midsouthconAnd…the best costume of the weekend in my opinion. The OOD!!!

midsouthconThe Absinthe Fairy

Then, the final panel of the con…and of course, the best of all for this Writer Groupie.

midsouthconCory Doctorow made his own name tag

midsouthconCory Doctorow and his fan, me.

This was such a great experience…you KNOW I will do it again. Only 364 more days until Mid South Con 34!

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