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A writer’s morning routine

Morning? WHY? And why are some of us coffee fiends before 8 am.

Good morning, friends! I decided maybe you would enjoy my morning routine info to get you motivated to maybe create one? I didn’t use to have one, either. It behooved me to do anything before 8 AM aside from drinking coffee and bemoan my fate.

But now, since I am sort of retired, I needed some structure.

So, in all it’s ugliness, here is my MORNING ROUTINE.


7 AM – get up, struggle with getting eyes open, turn coffee maker on (I always set this up the night before – trust me, it is definitely safer that way)

730 AM – sit at my breakfast bar with coffee in hand and pull out tarot cards. Yes, I do this. I just like to see how the cards foretell my day and how close it is to true. When I get cards that say travel is imminent, like today, (The chariot) – I usually just laugh. The only place I am going today is out to lunch with my critique group.

800 AM – pull out the planning gear, including washi tape, stickers, planners, and gym schedule. I have a planner for menu planning now since I am following the Mediterranean Diet. I go through all of these planners and get the day lined up.

830 AM – time for another cup of coffee and a break – I usually go and light some incense and have a bit of a morning meditation time now.

9 AM – Get dressed, eat a light breakfast, and toddle off to the gym for a workout.

1030 AM – sit down and begin writing or editing or plotting — depending on what this is will determine if I am at it for twenty minutes or two hours.

I know I said morning…but still…

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Noon – lunch with hubby (if he’s working nights!), let my dog out.

200 PM walk to the mailboxes and collect mail, breathe in the day

3 PM depending on day of week I will spend time now to promote my work or shoot a video for my channel

4 PM more of the same as above as it usually takes an hour or more

5 PM Call it a day– go prep for dinner and get ready to eat.

I can call it a day, unless something didn’t get finished. If that is the case, then I finish whatever task it is, and then I leave my desk. If I am drafting my novel, and striving for 2K words, then I may have to linger over it at this time. Eating dinner in front of the computer is not a new thing.

Hope you enjoyed my morning routine. Let me know if you have one similar. Let’s compare notes!

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