Hello, Friends. It’s been awhile. Since last post, I lost a boss to cancer, quit my job, moved to Florida, and am now stylizing my life to be all that I hope it should be.

Sunrise over the lake on a slightly foggy morn

That includes MORE blog posts, MORE podcasts, and MORE of everything that I think you will like.

Including new BOOKS!

But for now, just the news.

Yesterday, my fiance and I, …. oh wait… there’s a story there, too. Geez, I really AM behind, aren’t I?

Okay, so back about a year and a half ago, I reunited with a man who I have been friends with since the 70s. Yes, that is telling my age, in a way, but that’s okay. I have no compunction in admitting I have some years behind me.

Anyway, we got back together after 41 years! Now that whole relationship is just something that you have to know is the universe looking out for me. He has been a true helper to all that I do. Bill took over producing the podcast, and if you haven’t had a listen, go to http://www.writergroupie.net and do that – although we are getting way behind again, due to the move. Maybe we can get another podcast out soon.

Which brings me back to my point… EASTER weekend. Yesterday, we went to a fun arts and crafts fair in Winter Haven. It was 75 degrees, and a cool wind blew. We wandered each vendor, including an airbrush place where I got a tat for fun.

Airbrush tattoo

Then, I tasted a Twisted Fajita, Y’all, the south may be known for its BBQ, but that thing BLEW ME AWAY.

For those who do not know, the fair was held just outside the library in WH, and I spent a while browsing the sale for the Friends of the Library there. That library has its own coffee shop! I am soooo in love.

I hope your Easter weekend was as delightful as mine. I will try not to be a stranger in my own blog any more, and I hope you are going to check it out more often, too.

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