Writing Rules: Does anyone care about them anymore?

Writing Rules: Does anyone care about them anymore?

Have you ever pondered how a writer writes? If you are a writer, ever pondered why some writers get away with breaking “the rules” and others just can’t? That one is on my mind today. I found a quick POV switch in a Stephen King novel and am sure if I wasn’t a writer who knew the rules, well, I might not have noticed.


I kind of wonder if he did. Did his editor? Did anyone notice and if so, did they care enough to remind the great King that you shouldn’t do that?

I am a nobody writer from nowhere so yes, some well-intentioned knowledge bowl person would quickly catch that broken “rule” in one reading. Likely a critique partner or an editor, would say nope, you cannot do that, Miss Nobody From Nowheresville.

But in today’s digital world, where books are appearing out of thin air, more and more on the virtual shelf, does anyone even care anymore about the rules?

I would like to think that good writing is good writing and if you are telling a good story (the Stephen King novel, The Stand is the one I found this faux pas in) would anyone stop reading just because a POV switch happened?

What if it was important to the story? I mean, The Stand is a very good book, and it ia a fav of so many readers, I am sure that POV switch didn’t stop anyone from turning the pages.

So my question today I suppose is this: Can a writer do things that break the long-held writing rules and get away with it? Will a reader stop reading their work because of it? Does it make a good book bad?

Your input is important. Give me your thoughts on this matter. I am sure I have breaks in rule in all of my books. Did it stop you?

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