What I have learned about the darkness

What I have learned about the darkness

Facing our fear of the darkness

Still reading a couple of good books. I always try to read in spurts and digest the consumed section. This is not news to anyone who reads non-fiction and how-to. You have to think about the writer’s words. Really ponder them.

Eat those words, and experience them.

Well, so, FEAR by Thich Nhat Hanh has such great things to share. He talks about how we are consumed with fear from the womb. We are safe within the confines of our watery cocoon. There is darkness, but we don’t mind.

Once we are born, we want to be cuddled and warm and fed and sometimes it doesn’t happen in the way that our non-verbal body desires, so we cry. We cry for everything that we want, and sometimes it is out of fear.

Fear that we cannot have what we want. Fear that we will not get what our bodies demand and fear that we are not in control of that demand.

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What has this book taught me?

I have realized from reading this book that I am a very fearful person as a general rule. Full of fear. Oftentimes, irrationally. And surprise! I have been since childhood.

But the book has also let me know from where this fear comes, and the fact that I have never tried to understand the fear. Knowledge is a great thing. It can conquer fear in ways that effort cannot.

So, starting today, I will be brave. I will face my fears and realize that it is nothing more than the child in me trying to care for demands that it cannot alone meet. I will walk with my inner child, take her hand, and assure her that there is nothing to fear. No more fearful approach to the darkness ahead that is the future and what it may hold. Rather, more like, face that darkness and forge ahead knowing that there is nothing in that darkness that can hurt me.

I am strong and fearless and calm. I am the product of a fearless people who for ages has fought and won.

I hope you have a great (fear-free) day!

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  1. I love this post…I am so happy…for you…This is a journey…one that may surprise you….And…you are not alone…I am so happy to see this post…Your sensitive soul..will protect you..when you have “bad” days…you will succeed in this…

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