Summer is here: Let’s pick out a book

Summer is here: Let’s pick out a book

It’s the first day of summer and you know what that means.



READING! It’s the summer reading season. So wanna know my opinion on some things? Well, you are about to get it, so if you don’t want to hear my tirade about books and reading, then please be forewarned.

I get emails from Amazon pretty regularly, and oftentimes they tout a book I have recently browsed for or read. They target market me that way. You too? What? You didn’t know you were being marketed to?

Well, think about it.

How did they know what books to suggest? Right. Now you see the whole picture.

So, my question is: have you ever bought a book from that email of suggested titles?

I haven’t. I really haven’t. I am more of a stay -in-the-lines colorer. I want to read the latest by an author that I know and trust. But recently, I have begun to read books by some of my friends. I like to promote them, and well, how can you honestly say how much you like their work if you haven’t really dug into it?

But that’s me. I believe in referrals from people who read. If you have read a really super book and you TELL me about it, I instantly want to go to Amazon and check it out. I have done a lot of “look inside” reads to see if the book is something that I think can keep my attention for 200-400 pages.

I mean, I know that book covers are important. And I know that book blurbs count. But really, I have to read some of the book and make my decision. Unless it is an author that I have read much from. Like Karen White, or Wendy Wax, or Dorothea Benton Franks, and more recently from Linda Rettstatt. They are no-brainers. You know that you are going to get a GOOD read when you pick up their work.

Oh, and if you are looking for your own summer read, please feel free to visit my Book PAGE here on the site, and check out some of my work. It is always a great thing when a new reader messages me to say, I found you on the Internet and [icked up XXXX book and I just LOOOOOVE it.

Happy Summer, y’all.

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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