Creating art and its fluidity

Creating art and its fluidity

Art creation can take many forms.

For instance, I know  an artist who is also a gifted actor. Many literary people have started out being visual artists first, and most still are. But writing is a fickle thing. Most of us get the guilties if we do something ASIDE from writing that is anywhere close to creating art.

Well, with the exception of me and those like me who love to draw but really truly suck at it.

I often draw and color to make my brain get into a certain mode where writing is easiest. I can doodle my way into crafting/plotting a major novel.

So, what do you do that helps with your craft? Be it art, music, or writing, we can make it better by doing something completely different. Like — paint while listening to good orchestrated music. Or write to the sounds of water flowing. OR ….

It’s interesting to note how the mind*brain* works. Some of us have to keep one part of it busy so the other part can work.

Are you like that?

Discuss below.

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