7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write

Let’s motivate ourselves to write.Ever had lackluster ideas and even more lackluster writing days? Who hasn’t? But it doesn’t have to be that way…especially for new writers.

7 ways to motivate yourself to write

Whatever you set your mind to do, you will achieve if you want it badly enough. (I have talked about ways for creatives to get things done in this blog post here) are 7 ways to get yourself motivated to sit down and get β€˜er done.

Let’s get motivated!

  • Choose what you want to write

First, make a list of what you want to accomplish with your writing – keep it manageable- non-fiction to inform – fiction- to entertain – nonfiction – to enlighten– fiction to enthrall

  • Build a board on Pinterest or create a story board

Put three items on the board that helps you see what you want to write. This will help you focus on the specifics whether it is a book about palm trees or a beach read

  • Affirmations

Find someone to bounce the idea off of. Usually a good friend or family member will be more willing to listen to your rambling explanation and give you some good advice as to if the story idea has merit. This is a wonderful way to motivate yourself to write!

  • Face your fears

It is a scary lonely endeavor to write a book, but you can do it! Face down the demons that hold you back and get that first paragraph on paper (screen)

  • Read it out loud

If you read your paragraph out loud, you will realize that you are having fun and doing well at it after all. Hearing the words will encourage more writing!

  • Try reading another book

Reading an author that really inspires you will get you into that writing chair quickly. The love for the written word is what sends us into writing mode first.

  • Dream!

Imagine the way you will feel with that book tightly held in your hands, or how it will look as it peeks out from your Kindle. Think how you will feel as you smile and sign one of them for an adoring fan.

motivate yourself to write
Motivate yourself to write – even more!

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