Health post: Why I am trying harder

Fitness and health are important at all ages, but this post is mostly about me and what I am doing these days. Hope it encourages you!

stevepb / Pixabay

Wow. I am falling behind on my blog posting. This has been a strange month, to be sure. I have been doing a lot of physical things to improve my health, and that has taken the number one spot for time. Also, I have been cooking more, and eating less. Strange to say that in that way, but it’s true. Cooking more meals but eating less food. I have been eating a lot less BAD food, I should add. My weight is down, and my doctor is going to be amazed at me when I go to see him again.

The problem is: I WAANT TO BE BAAAAD.

Have you ever felt like you were trying to do something that was good for you but you just WANTED to be bad?

That’s how I feel MOST days. I am giving it 100% effort, but only feel like doing it about 20% of the time. I have pushed through these mean “it ain’t worth it” feelings often. I think it may be just a plateau time. I am already where I want to be health-wise, but weight-wise, not so much. According to my fitness assessment, I have thirty pounds to lose. Gosh. If I lost that much more, I would be a bag of bones.

Nevertheless, I am going to keep going.

When the weight loss and the health benefits really kick in, I know I will be glad I pushed through it.

Here are a few things I am doing:
1. Cooking healthy foods. Including casseroles with broccoli, cauliflower, and spaghetti squash. *if you are not following me on Facebook you should! I post pics there*
2. Exercise in some form or fashion every day. Gym days every other day as often as possible.
3. Meditating and breathing deeply. If you do not make it a POINT to breathe deeply often (like several times an hour) you will find you no longer have the lung capacity you used to have. I feel so much better when I take time to do this.

What are you doing these dog days of summer to get fit and stay healthy?

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